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Mindy Ngo of Tringling working with director of Kick Incubator Philip Bennett to bring new social app to market

Entrepreneur Mindy Ngo has moved her business into the Boise Hub and joined forces with local startup community Collabortank. The move comes at a time when Tringling is looking to raise funds through Indiegogo to help launch its iOS app in January 2016.

The term “Tringling” is a combination of traveling and mingling. Ngo describes the service as a Meetup for travelers, allowing patrons to meet like-minded people in their age group, pick events and activities that they’ll enjoy, and take advantage of discounts only available to groups. The Tringling app will serve as a central hub for planning vacations and booking the right activities.

“Our focus is mobile-enabled website development so your contributions today go directly to making TringlingTravel.com functional as our mobile application,” Ngo said. The service will take advantage of her big data expertise to develop a unique algorithm for streamlining the whole travel process.

In working with Collabortank and seeking funding through Indiegogo, Tringling is preparing for massive growth. The company is working to have a full website launched by April 2016, and the app is one important stage along the way. You can be a part of this exciting opportunity and support the Boise startup community by contributing to the crowdfunding campaign or sharing it on your social media.

To find out more about the upcoming app, visit Tringling’s Indiegogo page at  http://igg.me/at/tringling. You can contact Mindy Ngo directly at mngo@tringlingtravel.com.

For further information on Collabortank, email Philip Bennett at philip@prodromosmarketing.com or call (208) 321-1200.

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