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The coalition Stoptuitionhikes.com has moved into the Boise Hub as part of its continuing efforts to enact a ballot initiative that would cut Idaho tuition by 22 percent. The group’s proposal is known as “The College, Not Cancer Act,” and its purpose is to stop subsidizing tobacco products and reallocate those funds to lowering the cost of tuition for Idaho students.

Not only would the ballot effort help university students save $1,540 per year on their college tuition, but the initiative is also projected to prevent 12,400 kids from ever starting to smoke. The effort actually earmarks $7 million per year to a statewide tobacco cessation program, as well as another $7 million per year for Idaho’s community colleges.

As part of its push to spread the word about The College, Not Cancer Act, StopTuitionHikes is preparing a major rally on Monday, January 18 at 12:30pm (MLK Jr. Day) on the Capitol steps. Anyone with a passion for reducing smoking and improving opportunities for Idaho’s youth is invited to participate. Find out more about this crucial Idaho initiative at www.stoptuitionhikes.com.

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