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The Boise Hub – Business happens here.

Located at 2675 W. Main St.—with convenient access to Boise’s beautiful and prosperous Downtown—The Boise Hub is Boise’s home for an innovative network of entrepreneurs, resources, and co-working space. This smart new workplace solution offers professionals and small or start-up businesses the opportunity to customize their office usage with the space they need, when they need it while creating a home and network that inspires success.

We believe in creating an innovative network of entrepreneurs, educators, and resources to encourage growth and job creation in the Boise Region. We provide our residents with a home that promotes collaboration and affords the flexibility for freedom and self-direction. Our facilities include private office space and coshare workstations through Collabortank.

By partnering with Collabortankwe are able to provide coshare office environments as well as access to state of the art curriculum to help entrepreneurs overcome their roadblocks of complexity. Collabortank is Boise’s preeminent training and startup launch program, helping aspiring entrepreneurs in the Treasure Valley build enduring companies. Collabortank’s express purpose is to affirm, equip, inspire, and grow those that may otherwise never start a business venture, create jobs, or realize the freedom of self-direction.

For more information on coshare office environments and amenities, you can refer to the Collabortank website, or you may simply contact us through the contact tab above.